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Junior Winds Repertoire

Symphonic Winds Repertoire, Past and Future
Classic Wind Literature

Title Composer  
Four Scottish Dances Arnold, Malcolm  
Prelude, Siciliano and Rondo Arnold, Malcolm  
Third Symphony Barnes, James  
Suite of Old American Dances Bennett, Robert Russell Season six
Symphonic Songs fo Band Bennett, Robert Russell  
The Leaves are Falling Benson, Warren  
The Solitary Dancer Benson, Warren  
First Essay for Band Barber, Samuel  
Blue Lake Overture Chance, John Barnes  
Chorale & Shaker Dance Chance, John Barnes  
Incantation and Dance Chance, John Barnes Season six
Variations on a Korean Folk Song Chance, John Barnes  
Emblems Copland, Aaron  
The Red Pony Suite Copland, Aaron  
Fantasies on a Theme by Haydn Dello Joio, Norman  
Scenes from the Louvre Dello Joio, Norman Season two
Vanity Fair Fletcher, Percy Season one
American Salute Gould, Morton Season two
Holocaust Suite Gould, Morton  
Santa Fe Saga Gould, Morton Season one
Symphony for Band Gould, Morton Season two
Yankee Doodle Gould, Morton (arr.) Season two
Children's March Grainger, Percy Season six
Colonial Song Grainger, Percy  
Lincolnshire Posey Grainger, Percy  
Themes from "Green Bushes" Grainger, Percy Season one
Handel in the Strand Grainger, Percy Season one
Irish Tune from County Derry Grainger, Percy Season one
Australian Up-Country Tune Grainger, Percy Season seven
Shepherd's Hey Grainger, Percy Season one
Chorale and Alleluia Hanson, Howard  
Symphonic Metamorphosis Hindemith, Paul  
Symphony for Band Hindemith, Paul  
On a Hymn Song of Phillip Bliss Holsinger, David  
To Tame the Perilous Skies Holsinger, David  
First Suite in E Flat Holst, Gustav Season one
Moorside March Holst, Gustav Season two
Second Suite in F Holst, Gustav Season seven
Music for Prague, 1968 Husa, Karel  
Esprit de Corps Jager, Robert Season three
Midnight Fire Alarm Lincoln, Harry Season one
Elegy for a Young American Lo Presti  
American Overture for Band Jenkins, Joseph Wilcox Season seven
Cuernavaca Jenkins, Joseph Wilcox  
Kaddish McBeth, W. Francis  
Overture for Winds Menelssohn, Felix Season three
Suite Francaise Milhaud, Darius Season three
Lauds Nelson, Ron  
Rocky Point Holiday Nelson, Ron Season Four
Toccata Nelson, Ron  
Fiesta del Pacifico Nixon, Roger  
Pageant Persichetti, Vincent  
Chorale Prelude, So Pure the Star Persichetti, Vincent  
Divertimento for Band Persichetti, Vincent  
Symphony for Band Persichetti, Vincent  
Armenian Dances, Part 1 Reed, Alfred  
Greensleeves Reed, Alfred Season two
La Fiesta Mexicana Reed, H. Owen Season five
Grand Serenade Schickele, Peter Season one
New England Triptich Schuman, William  
Chester Overture for Band Schman, William Season six
Festival Variations Smith, Claude T.  
Sketches on a Tudor Psalm Tull, Fisher Season Four
English Folk Song Suite Vaughan Williams, Ralph  
Flourish for Wind Band Vaughan Williams, Ralph  
Toccata Vaughan Williams, Ralph  
Kilimanjaro: an African Portrait Washburn, Robert Season two
American Fanfare Wasson, John  
Caccia and Chorale Williams, Clifton  
Symphonic Dance #3 Williams, Clifton Season one


Title Composer  
Army of the Nile Alford, Kenneth  
Colenel Bogey Alford, Kenneth  
British Eighth Alford, Kenneth  
The Vanished Army Alford, Kenneth Season five
Whip and Spur Allen, Thomas Season three
Commando March Barber, Samual  
Battle of Shiloh March Barnhouse, C.L.  
March of the Steel Men Belsterling, Charles  
Guadacanal March Bennett, Robert Russell  
Symphonic Concert March Bonelli, G.  
L'Inglesina Della Cese, Davide  
Americans We Filmore, Henry  
The Circus Bee Filmore, Henry Season Six
Klaxon Filmore, Henry  
Rolling Thunder Filmore, Henry  
Florentiner Fucik, Julias  
Chimes of Liberty Goldman, Edwin Franko  
On the Mall Goldman, Edwin Franko Season four
Gumsuckers March Grainger, Percy  
Valdres Hannsen, Johannes Season four
Strenuous Life Joplin, Scott  
Barnum & Bailey's Favorite King, Karl  
Goldman March King, Karl  
Melody Shop King, Karl  
The Trombone King King, Karl Season two
Belgian Paratroopers Leemans, Pierre  
Guadalcanal March Rogers, Richard/Leidzen Season six
Black Horse Troop Sousa, John Phillip Season three
Easter Monday on the White House Lawn Sousa, John Phillip Season five
Fairest of the Fair Sousa, John Phillip  
Free Lance Sousa, John Phillip  
Galant Seventh Sousa, John Phillip  
Glory of the Yankee Navy Sousa, John Phillip  
George Washington Bicentennial Sousa, John Phillip Season two
Hands Across the Sea Sousa, John Phillip Season seven
Nobles of the Mystic Shrine Sousa, John Phillip Season five
Our Flirtations Sousa, John Phillip  
Pathfinder of Panama Sousa, John Phillip Season five
Pride of the Wolverines Sousa, John Phillip Season six
Semper Fidelis Sousa, John Phillip Season three
Stars and Stripes Forever Sousa, John Phillip  
The City of Fairfax March Wayland, Virginia Season one
March from 1941 Williams, John Season three


Title Composer  
Commando March Barber, Samuel Season six
Marche Honsgroise Berlioz, Hector  
Candide Suite Bernstein, Leonard  
Danzon Bernstein, Leonard Season one
Divertimento Bernstein, Leonard Season four
Overture to Candide Bernstein, Leonard Season four
Slava Bernstein, Leonard Season seven
Symphonic Dances Bernstein, Leonard Season four
Symphonic Concert March Bonelli, G.  
Silverado Broughton, Bruce Season three
Lincoln Portrait Copland/Beeler Season four
The Engulfed Cathedral Debussy/Patterson Season five
Homage a Ramey Debussy/Hunsberger  
Enigma Variations Elgar/Slocum  
Vanity Fair Fletcher, Percy Season one
Cuban Overture Gershwin, George Season seven
Russian and Ludmilla Overture Glinka, Mikhail/Hindsley  
The Wind and the Lion Goldsmith, Jerry Season three
Chorale and Alleluia Hanson, Howard  
Symphonic Metamorphosis Hindemith, Paul  
Jupiter, The Planets Holst, Gustav Season three
Mars, from the Planets Holst, Gustav Season three
Country Band March Ives, Charles  
Decoration Day Ives/Elkus  
Finale, Second Symphony Ives, Charles  
Variations on "America" Ives, Charles  
Overture to Colas Breugnon Kabalevsky, Dmitri  
Ancient Airs and Dances Respighi, Ottorino  
Pines of Rome Respighi, Ottorino Season five
March, Op. 99 Rimsky-Korsakov, Nicoli Season one
Procession of the Nobles Rimsky-Korsakov, Nicoli  
Italian in Algiers Rossini, Gioacchino  
Tancredi Overture Rossini, Gioacchino Season one
William Tell Overture Rossini, Gioacchino  
Danse Bacchanale Saint-Saens, Camille Season five
Marche Militaire Francaise Saint-Saens, Camille Season one
Festive Overture Shostakovich, Dmitri Season six
Spanish Dance Shostakovich, Dmitri Season four
Die Fledermaus Ovrture Strauss, Johann Season two
Festmusik der Stadt Wein Strauss/Banks  
Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna Suppe, Franz von/Fillmore  
The Snow Maiden "Dance of the Jester" Tchaikowsky/Cramer  
La Procession du Rocio Turina, Joaquin  
Little Train of the Caipira Villa-Lobos Season one
Die Meistersinger Wagner, Richard Season two
Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral Wagner, Richard  
Flying Dutchman Wagner, Richard Season four
Crown Imperial Walton, William Season two
Polka and Fugue Weinberger, Jaromir  
Battle Hymn of the Republic Wilhouski/Neilson Season four
The Cowboys Overture Williams, John Season one / Season severn
The Liberty Fanfare Williams, John /MacDermott Season six
Star Wars Trilogy Williams, John Season three


Title Composer  
Christmas Festival Anderson, Leroy  
Sleigh Ride Anderson, Leroy  
Jingle That Bugle Gandman, Matt* Season Six
White Christmas Berlin, Irving Season three
Jingle Them Bells Giroux, Julie Season five
Jingle Bells Gould, Morton (arr) Season two
Sussex Mummers Christmas Carol Grainger, Percy Season six
Variations on Joy to the World Kay, Hershey Season four
Toboggan Nestico, Sammy Season one
A Rhapsody on Christmas Carols Claude T. Smith  

Solo Ensemble Feature

Title Composer  
Fanfare for Tambourines (ensemble) Alferi, John Season three
Fanfarria a una Corrida de Toros Bandman, David Season five
La Corrida de Toros (solo) Bandman, David Season five
Sideman Bates, Mason  
Piur Bole (ensemble) Bergamo, John Season three
Dance Music for Elfrid Ide (Perc. Ens) Cage, John Season six
Fanfare for the Common Man Copland  
Silent Canyons Daughtrey, Nathan Season four
Fanfare pour preceder "La Peri" Dukas, Paul Season six
Serenade for Winds (Saxophone Ensemble) Dvorak, Antonin/Laroque Season seven
Allegro De Concert Florio Season three
Preludes for Piano (Perc. Ens) Gershwin/Clark Season five
Irish Tune from County Derry Grainger/Johnson Season four
Molly on the Shore (WW Choir) Grainger/Rogers Season five
Shepherd's Hey Grainger/Johnson Season four
Tip of the Andes (ensemble) Hetrick, Craig Season three
Prelude from Brook Green Suite Holst/Thorne Season three
Advance Australia Fair (National Anthem) arr: Hultgren, Ralph Season seven
Songs for the Coming Day (Saxophone Ensemble) Maslanka, David Season Seven
Aria and Allegro (solo) Pascuzzi, Gregory Season two
Crisantemi Puccini/Enzel Season three
Danse Macabre (WW Choir) Saint Saens/Thorne Season six
Vienna Philharmonic Fanfare Strauss, Richard Season five
Sweet Trombone Rag Sweet, Al Season four
Rock Etude Udow, Michael Season five
Tuba/Bass Trombone Concerto Vaughan-Williams, Ralph  
Godzilla Eats Las Vegas Whitacre, Eric  

Progressive Wind Literature

Title Composer  
Bottle Dance Antal, Farkas Season one
Whirlwind Bryant, Steven  
A Movement for Rosa Camphouse, Mark Season five
Looking at the Stars Cross, Travis Season three
Tico Tico de Abreau, Zequinha  
"J" (NVYW Consortium Participant) Giroux, Julie Season seven
One Life Beautiful Giroux, Julie Season one
Paprikash Giroux, Julie Season five
Riften Wed Giroux, Julie Season five
The Speed of Heat Giroux, Julie  
Under the Willow Giroux, Julie  
Eine Kleini Yiddishe Ragmusik Gorb, Adam Season two
Alabama Songbook: Honey in the Rock Grantham, Donald Season six
Baron Cimitiere's Mambo Grantham, Donald Season six
J'ai ete al bal Grantham, Donald Season six
Let Evening Come Grantham, Donald Season six
Southern Harmony Grantham, Donald Season four
Starry Crown Grantham, Donald  
Arabesque Hazo, Samuel Season two
Perthshire Majesty Hazo, Samuel  
Mysterium Higdon, Jennifer  
Sketches on a First Snowfall Holcomb, Patrick* Season three
Concert Prelude Hultgren, Ralph Season five
Festal Scenes Ito, Yashuhide Season one
Mambo Furioso Karrick, Brant Season four
Contre Qui Rose Lauredson, Morten Season one
O Magnum Mysterium Lauredson, Morten  
Night on Fire Mackey, John  
The Frozen Cathedral Mackey, John Season seven
Hymn to a Blue Hour Mackey, John  
Night on Fire Mackey, John  
Sasparilla Mackey, John Season seven
Sheltering Sky Mackey, John Season three
The Ringmaster's March Mackey, John Season seven
Turbine Mackey, John  
Joyride Markowski, Michael Season six
Danzon No. 2 Marquez, Arturo  
Give Us This Day Maslanka, David  
Tears Maslanka, David  
Traveler Maslanka, David  
Carnegie Anthem Owens, William Season two
Asimov's Aviary Puckett, Joel  
Pale Blue on Deep Perrine, Aaron  
Monumental Fanfare and Tribute Rothman, Philip  
Windsprints Saucedo, Richard Season five
Baksheesh Snoeck, Kenneth Season two
American Fanfare Stephenson, James Season seven
Amazing Grace Tichelli, Frank Season three
Blue Shades Tichelli, Frank
Rest Tichelli, Frank  
Shenandoah Tichelli, Frank Season four
Symphony #2    
Wild Nights! Tichelli, Frank  
Lux Arumque Whitacre, Eric Season three
October Whitacre, Eric Season two / Season seven
Ghost Train Whitacre, Eric
Godzilla Eats Las Vegas Whitacre, Eric  

* member, NVYW

Junior Winds Repertoire

December 2014  
Variations on a Ninth James Curnow
Country Wildflowers Larry Daehn
Lakeland Portrait Pierre LaPlante
Jingle Bells Forever  arr. Robert W. Smith
February 2015 - snowed out  
May 2015  
Sovereign Variants James Curnow
A Basque Lullaby Dan Forrest
Shillelagh! James Meredity
Fantasy on Yankee Doodle Mark Williams
Kingsfold March Victor Flowers
Uproar Michael Oare
December 2015  
Fanfare and Flourishes 2 James Curnow
Sparks Brian Balmages
Heritage March Steve Hodges
Photo Finish! Brant Karrick
Torrents of Fire Larry Neeck
February 2016  
Flourish for Wind Band Gary Fagan
Kentucky 1800 Clare Grundman
Yorkshire Ballad James Barnes
Symphony #15 Mozard arr. Daehn
Excelsior William Owens
May 2016  
March of the Belgian Paratroopers Leemans arr. Swearingen
Appalachian Overture James Barnes
On A Hymnsong of Philip Bliss David Holsinger
Clowns! Clowns! Clowns! David Bobrowitz
Serenade for a Picket Fence Norman Leyden
December 2016  
Portsmouth Reflections Michael Oare
Peregrin A Traveler's Tale Douglas Akey
Balladair Frank Erickson
Days of Glory John Cacavas
February 2017  
Heatherwood Portrait James Barnes
A Walk with McCarley Van Ragsdale
Dolce and Dance Gary Fagan
Burst of Brass David Shaffer
May 2017  
Cascade River Overture Douglas Akey
Hymn forBand Hugh Stuart
Happy Times March Warren Barker
The Light Eternal James Swearingen
Curtain Call John Wasson
December 2017  
Accolade Mark Lortz
Tomorrow's Yesterdays Brain Balmages
Royal Oak Larry Daehn
A Percy Grainger Suite arr. Frank Erikson
February 2018  
Chanteys Robert Sheldon
Air for Band Frank Erickson
King Cobra David Shaffer
Great Locomotive Chase Robert W. Smith
May 2018  
Prairie Songs Pierre LaPlante
The Seal Lullaby Eric Whitacre
An Irish Rhapsody Clare Grundman
Tubz (percussion ensemble) Josh Gottry
Cluster Fluster Buster March David Holsinger
Canzonetta Elliot DelBorgo

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